When over 10 years ago I wrote and published Discovering the Joy of Parenting, I had no idea all the ways God would use this text to draw mothers into his Kingdom.

I sing in a neighborhood women’s chorus. Last year we briefly had a substitute conductor. She speaks English well, but because of the setting, we didn’t really  get to know each other.

Recently she emailed me, asking if I would help her with the English pronunciation of some songs she would be teaching to her current chorus group. So we got together, and after we had gone through the songs, she said, “Actually, I would like to meet with you every month or two to talk about my ideas about Japanese education and parent’s relationship to their children.”

I looked at her in amazement. “You may not believe this,” I said, “but I wrote a book on parenting. I’m a Christian, so the text is based on principles from the Bible. I’d love to meet with you!” God is opening doors even before we knock on them! 

Pray that the parenting principles of God’s Word will touch the life this chorus teacher in ways she’s not anticipating!