Moogie_BilgeeJust the other day I got a surprise Skype call from Moogie—my friend in Mongolia! (Moogie was the leader of the translation team for the Mongolian edition of Discovering the Joy of Parenting.) The door had suddenly opened for her to come to Japan with a ministry team from her church, but by the time she was able to contact me, she was almost out the door on her way to the airport to go back home.

It was great to get an update on how the parenting ministry is going in Mongolia. She shared that the first printing of the book sold out in just a few months. Now they are in their second printing, with about 350 copies already sold out of the printing of 1000.

Moogie and her husband have been teaching the course to a group in their church in the capital city, UlanBataar, and also are going once a month to a town about four hours away.

They have also had the opportunity to do a seminar at a church for the deaf. One of the young people they are training is currently learning sign language, so that she will be able to continue ministry there.  

“In fact,” Moogie told me, “we have had more requests to do seminars than we can handle! So we are now thinking about how we can train more leaders!”

Pray for health and strength for Moogie and Bilgee as they continue the expansion of biblical parenting ministry in Mongolia.