When we planned our August 2015 trip to Mongolia, our four primary goals were to:

  • Follow up on the 2012 Mongolian translation of Discovering the Joy of Parenting and to support the ministry in Mongolia
Observe and hear firsthand about the current state of churches through Pastor Chinzorig, our Asian Access Mongolia Director of Leadership Training and founding pastor of Immanuel Assembly,
  • Connect with SIM staff in Mongolia, and
  • Enjoy some rest and renewal away from the heat and humidity of Tokyo.

During our first first four days with Pastor Chinzorig and the Immanuel Church family, God began working out the details of the month in amazing ways with a multitude of ministry opportunities and new relationships!

During the following 24 days, we fit in a bit of sightseeing, but Barbara did 20+ hours of parenting training in multiple contexts, both in the capital city and 6 hours out into the countryside.