Our first day of vacation was yesterday, August 27. So for a week I’m away from all the pressing items that face me when I’m at my desk. But not surprisingly, this evening I’m still sitting at my laptop… reviving our dormant blog site rather than editing the next issue of Japan Harvest magazine. Barbara is relaxing by doing a crossword puzzle across the table from me.

Ironically, now that it’s cooled off in Tokyo, we’ve left the Tokyo area for “Fujigoko” (the “Five Lake Area” near Mt. Fuji) for a week’s vacation. We’re staying at a SEND International missionary cabin next to Lake Yamanaka and finding ourselves wearing sweaters in the evening.

For our anniversary today, a friend recommended a restaurant on the other side of the lake…

Looks like something out of a fairy tale.

First came the hors d’oeuvres
Left to right – Deep fried cheese, honeydew melon under raw ham, mashed potato under salmon under grapefruit – all tasty!

Ready to dig into “mountain soba” noodles (Gary) and ravioli (Barbara). Had a couple of nice conversations with the owner-wife/waitress. (I think her husband was cooking.) She took our pictures for us, and shared a bit about the construction process last year… having daily discussions with the carpenter as their ideas for the details of the building constantly developed (changed?) for this unique structure!

Ravioli close up and on parade

Across the room from us.

The adjoining room.

Down the stairs to the restrooms.

Twenty-nine years today!